Join an unique experience and be part of this exclusive Club we created for you, our plant friend!

One Year plant subscription, to receive plants and always a gift to enjoy being part of the plant lover family. Every month you will receive our selection of a 4" plant and a 10% Off in our stock, to help you grow your plant collection, because is never enough plants and we know it. Invite your friends and family and let's grow together.

If you want to be part of our plant friend, you just have to click the link below.

Terms and Conditions

The Sprouts Club consists of an annual subscription in which members enjoy receiving 12 plants during the 12-month period and an additional 10% discount on all items under the Jenisprouts LLC name for the duration of their subscription.

Based on this, it is important to note:

  1. The subscription payment is considered as a final sale, in this sense it is not refundable for any reason, when making the payment the member is registering for the entire period of the subscription (12 months).
  2. The subscription lasts 12 months, corresponding to a 12 plants pickups. The renewal of this subscription is not automatic, the member must notify its willing to continue being part of the club at least 15 days before his subscription expires, making the renewal payment for the annual subscription.
  3. All subscriptions made after revealing the plant of the month will be registered for first pickup in the next month. In order to receive the current month plant, the subscription must be made before the announcement day.
  4. The plants that correspond to the subscription have the following characteristics: Indoor plants, exotic plants, planted in a 4-inch pot.
  5. The selected plant to be delivered cannot be changed for any other plant available at the store, all the members will receive the same plant.
  6. The delivery of the plant of the month will begin on the second Saturday of each month, this date will be confirmed to all members by email. From the announced date, members will have until the 30th of the current month to pickup the plant corresponding to that month.
  7. The monthly deliveries cannot be accumulated, each month the club members must pickup their plant. If not, that plant of the month will be lost.