Jenisprouts Family

Jenisporuts Team

To all our Plant Friends: Thanks for visiting our website!

We are a family of plant lovers with a cozy local store located in Orlando, FL. We have a large variety of indoor plants and foliage, perfect for decorating all of your spaces.

We offer help, tips and in store service for all of your plant needs, to help keep your plants beautiful and thriving.

Get To Know Us

Jenisprouts is a business attended by its owner: me, Jeni.

I am a woman who believe that good energy and good attitude can make a difference, I share all the knowledge I've earned this past years with all my clients and plant friends, because this business is not only about selling plants but giving a great experience around nature and friends.

If you want to know more about me, I invite you to visit the store and to chat with me, I'll be glad to receive you!

Love, Jeni.

How It Started...

During the pandemic and after some months thinking about the need to find a new job, it came to me the idea of starting my own business. I've always enjoy giving plants as a gift for special ocassions, because of the energy they bring to spaces and the feeling you experiment when you have somehting to take care of.

So, I decided in company of my boyfriend to start this business in my living room, we search about the steps required to start selling plants and find a few providers, we started selling like 50 plants with big dreams and all the heart put into the work. After almost three years, I still can't believe all we have achieve because all yor support and friendship.

Now, my dreams are bigger, and I know soon they will come true. Always with you as a part of this dream that is my job, if you're reading this, let me tell you thank you for being our plant friend!